Essential Tips for Digital Photography

People are taking photography more seriously than before and as technology evolves, digital photography offers more options for new learners. Affordability of high performance cameras also makes it easier for people to explore photography but in order to get it right, beginners need a little direction. Here are a few tips on digital photography for beginners:

Handling SLR

If you’re used to holding an SLR camera with one hand in a point-and-shoot setting, then you’ve been doing it wrong. SLR or Digital SLR tends to be heavier and bulkier especially if the lens is particularly heavy or if the camera has an added battery pack. When you use a lower shutter speed you’re likely to sway a little and that messes up the shots and after a few hours of shooting your arms will be weak. So learn to hold the camera energy-efficiently in order to get quality shots. Learn more about photography check out at:

Follow the Subject

You should be aware of what your subject is doing at all times and whatever you’re trying to capture, follow it and make use of all photo opportunities until it gets out of sight. Also if you’re out taking pictures keep the camera on at all times because great photo opportunities are hard to predict and when an opportunity comes there might not be enough time to get the camera out.

Changing the Lens

As you get more serious with photography you will find yourself owing a collection of lenses which you should take with you when travelling. Learn about each lens’ settings, limitations, aperture etc, so that when you come across a situation that demands a particular lens, you will know how to choose the right one. Changing the lens can be tedious but it does guarantee quality when aiming for wide angles, zoom, etc.

Using a Tripod

Many professionals prefer to use a tripod when handling heavy cameras in order to take the weight off. A sport photographer for instance, would prefer to leave the camera permanently attached to a good quality tripod for a number of reasons. But is there a rule for when to use a tripod? Keep in mind that slow shutter speeds tend to cause a camera shake’ which ruins the shots. This happens because when the subject is magnified using telephoto lenses, it also magnifies any and all movements they make therefore making it difficult to control the shakes’.

Break some Rules

When it comes to photography you just might get further creatively if you break some rules. Now this does not mean you should get yourself in dangerous situations, it just means thinking broadly and being willing to go that extra step to get a perfect shot.