5 Tips for Better Travel Photos

In truth, travel photography can sometimes be daunting experience. There are quite a few challenges like unpredictable lighting, busy schedules or timing, getting to know the people and culture, local law, etc, particularly when talking photos in a foreign country, and more. These 5 tips for better travel photos detailed below will help you understand your goal and see them through.

1. Decide on the End-Goal of Your Travel Photos

It is most important to decide on the end-goal of taking travel photos. Are you going on a trip to just simply improve your photography overall? Are you planning to put those photos in a blog or upload them on a photography website and list them for sale to make money with? May be you want to display them on a wall at your home or keep them in photo albums as amazing collection and to share with your family, friends and relatives as a past thing you used to enjoy. A picture tells a story. Keep that in mind when taking each single photograph. Deciding on the end-goal of your trip for taking travel photos will help determine your success when it comes to taking the best travel photos.

2. Mix up People, Places and Things

It is always a great idea of mixing up people, places, and things when talking travel photos. Make your photos look perfectly natural. What is the use taking photos just capturing the image of just one subject? Mix up the subjects. You should love to photograph the people you are with while traveling to a place, snapping the random things surrounding you that catch your eyes.

3. Play with Light

When it comes to photography, lighting is the most critical ingredient in all great photographs. Using light correctly always makes an image interesting and powerful. Always shoot in the early morning and late afternoon when the weather is warm, the sun is low, and the light is soft, yellow or orange. Also, try to use backlighting to silhouette your subjects. Remember, the angel of the sun affects the warmth, contrast, and texture of a photo to a greater extent.

4. Shoot in Raw

Shooting in a raw is a must if you plan to edit your photographs. However, there is a bit of learning curve for processing your photos using different photography software. If you are taking vacation or travel photos you should take them in raw so that you can adjust them to your exact requirements by editing them with the help of different photo editing software.

Take Photos of Your Shadow

To get the best out of your efforts when taking travel photos, or simply any kind of photos outdoors, take your picture before sunset to get the best shadows. Use natural sunlight indoor and outdoor to take shadow pictures. The natural light will have an amazing effect on the quality of your photos. You can use the longer shadows if the sun is lower. Depending on the time of the year, seasons, and destinations you can take unique shadow pictures.


Start using these above mentioned 5 tips for better travel photos. You can go on a photographic stay-cation. Look for interesting light and different ways to see your neighborhood. Get close-ups and wide shots of people, places, and things and learn what is great about them. Ask yourself, what could you do differently next time? Finally, choose your best 5 or 10 photos and edit them. All these will help you define your photography goals and see them through.